Lecture Information by Godred Fairhurst

Communications Engineering: Control Networks

This course first ran in 2014 as EG3576, and has been updated many times since first written. This is a 10-credit parially lab-base course. It combined three core topics: Asynchronous and Synchronous Communications, Digital Control Multiplex, (DMX/RDM), and CAN Bus.

Communications Engineering II: Broadcast and Control Networks

This course was last ran in 2013 as EG40GD. It combined three core topics: TV Broadcast Transmission, Digital Control Busses and Basic RF Communications. Elements of the course are still provided in professional development lectures. The Control Bus part of the course formed the basis for EG3576 in 2014.

Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB)

Selected information is available introducing the MPEG-2 Standard and simple applications of DVB. More detailed pages are available on the background to Digital Video Broadcasting and its integration with Internet Services..

Some of this course was incorporated into EG40GD, until 2013.

EG2069 Microprocessors

This was a level 2 course, which originally covered the integration of C and assembly language, and used this to illustrate some basic computing concepts. The course (EG2069) had a set of web pages and does differ from the EG2068 course. Some slides are also available for this replacement course.

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