Multicast Applications.

This archive is intended for research into deployment of IP multicast. The software in this archive was originally collected for the GEOCAST Project. It has since been extended by other research projects supported by ERG, including projects funded by ESA (IP Standardisation; BGAN Multicast Extension). The original site was devised by Alastair Mathews, and is currently maintained by Nikhil Ninan.

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Multicast Software Archive (Password Required)

Monitoring Applications.

Multicast Applications.

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The applications in this section can be used in a many to many environment for collaborative working and video conferencing.

The links below lead to the developer sites for the applications that we will be deploying and other applications that are appropriate to this role.

Monitoring Applications.

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Below is information about a range of monitoring applications that are intended to be investigated using the LAN Testbed, this will lead to recommendations for tools to be used for the debugging and monitoring of the emulator and satellite experiments.


Netwwork Traffic simulator and evaluator, offers simulated VoIP traffic.


Dummynet form part of FreeBSD, it will be used to simulate to bandwidth constraints and satellite delay.


Ethereal is a packet sniffer, it will be investigated as an alternative to TCPdump. A Win32 binary is available.


This tool performs similar functions to Netperf although it generates IP Multicast Packets at selected rates.


This tools runs under W32 environment and allows the user to test multicast connectivity, it will be evaluated at a troubleshooting tool.


MTrace provides a Multicast Trace route function, in addition to showing the path is also gathers packet count and loss information from each hop. The primary use of MTrace will be in debugging external connectivity issues. Binaries for a variety of Unix platforms are available.

NLANR Beacon

The NLANR Beacon will be investigated as a tool for measuring connectivity, latency and loss between sites within the Testbed LAN and the Internet.


RTP-QM can be used to monitor and display feedback (RTCP) from viewers of a particular group. This allows a comparison of the loss seen by the different end systems and locations.

Rude and CRude

UDP Traffic Generator and Traffic sink


TCPdump is a packet sniffer, it will be used for basic troubleshooting (am I getting data) and to gather data allowing the monitoring of throughput, jitter and loss. A Win32 binary is available.

Note on the use of TCPdump.


TCPReplay is a tool to replay tcpdump or snoop files, it also gives the user control over the rate at which the file is replayed, it is intended as a monitoring and bench marking tool.


This tool produces x-y plots from correctly formatted text files, it will be used to produce graphs from processed TCPdump output.

Information about a number of other tools such as the SDR Monitor can be found here.

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