ATM References

Background information on ATM

  1. ATM Forum. The ATM forum is a worldwide organization, aimed at promoting ATM within the industry and the end user community.

  2. The ATM Forum Education Module. This location contains general information on ATM.

  3. ATM FAQ. This is an article which contains general information on ATM and answers to some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  4. ITU Homepage. This location contains the ITU standards of ATM protocols

  5. ITU Documents. This location contains some of the ITU Draft documents that are not found in ITU Gopher.

  6. Network Reference Page. The Network Reference Page contains ATM-related RFCs (Request For Comment) from IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force).

  7. Cell Relay Retreat This site hosts the archives to the cell-relay mailing list, several other ATM-related mailing lists, and many other valuable ATM resources (such as ATM software).

  8. NRL Network Research Navigator ATM Page This site has lots of good links to other ATM sites.

  9. Network Bibliography. The Network Bibliography covers papers in the area of computer networking and related topics.

  10. ATM bibliography. Another Web site for ATM bibliography.

  11. ATM Chips, Product and Vendor List.

  12. There is also a newsgroup on ATM. The name of the newsgroup is comp.dcom.cell-relay.

Projects on ATM over Satellite

  1. ATM Via Satellite. COMSAT has conducted a series of experiments and demostrations of ATM via satellite for the Defense Information Systems Agency. .

  2. MONET Home Page. MONET, the High Data Rate MObile interNET, is a project about the development of the Department of Defense (US) network that is interoperable with the future public-carrier networks and utilises commercial SATCOM.

  3. ATM Multimedia Error Correcting Codecs. This page contains a NASA's project on an ATM Codec for satellite and space channels.

  4. BASE - Broadband ATM Satellite Experiment. An experiment supported by Telesat(Canada) and COMSAT (US) to provide the basic data necessary for characterising the QOS offered by broadband ATM satellite channels.

  5. Performance Study of a SONET/ATM Satellite and Terrestrial Network for an Engine Inlet Simulation. Another project by NASA.

  6. Supporting ATM on a Low-Earth Orbit Satellite System.

  7. ATM and Single Channel Per Carrier for Data Networks.

  8. ARIES. The ARIES initiative is a shared communications testbed designed to enable the energy industry to study problems and opportunities in the raidly developing area of telecommunications technology. The network based on ATM operates at 45 and 155 megabits per second. Applications include the transfer of very large data sets (terrabytes) from a shipboard platform to a land based supercomputer.

  9. VANTAGE - VANTAGE stands for VSAT ATM Network Trials for Apllication Groups Across Europe. It is a follow up project to RACE CATALYST.

  10. ATM over Satellite. This webpage at the University of Surrey has many pointers to information on ATM over satellite.

Other Projects on ATM

  1. Aberdeen Metropolitan Network -AbMAN. The AbMAN network uses ATM technology to connect several institutes in Aberdeen.

  2. European ATM PILOT. Sixteen national telecommunications operators are co-operating in the European ATM pilot to assess this technology for the broadband platform of Europe's information superhighways.

  3. Multidimensional Applications and Gigabit Internetwork Consortium (MAGIC). The MAGIC network will include four high-speed LANs interconnected by a gigabit WAN. The WAN will be based on evolving standards, namely Synchronous Optical Network (SONET) and Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM).

  4. The ACTS ATM Internetwork (AAI) The ACTS ATM Internetwork is an ARPA research network providing wide area Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) connectivity. It connects several DOD High Performance Computing centers and the MAGIC and ATDnet gigabit testbeds.

  5. EXPERT. Located in Basel,Switzerland, EXPERT provides an ATM Platform with technical support for traffic experiments and the Europe-wide demostration of interactive- and distibutive- services.

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