Robust SATCOM Protocols

Defence Research Agency, DRA Defford
Jan 1993 - Dec 1994

A two year research project to investigate the design decisions in the construction of a robust gateway to connect both LANs operating TCP/IP and WANs operating X.25 over a SATCOM link. The project has resulted in an experimental system, known as the "enhancer" that is being used in the trials programme of DRA Defford. The figure below illustrates the use of the enhancer within an X.25 network.

The project sponsored four postgraduate students, who collaborated to study various aspects of the system. The trials were conducted in co-operation with a team of researchers at DRA Defford and DRA Malvern. A series of detailed reports have been published on the design and performance of the experimental protocol enhancers. The important conclusions are summarised below:

More information is available from DRA, or from Dr G Fairhurst at the University of Aberdeen.


Researchers working on this project are: [List of Projects in ERG]