Measurement of the Performance of the HSC and USI Satellite Routers

European Space Agency (ESA) (TE)

This project investigated the performance of TCP/IP over a VSAT LAN-interconnection system. The project was a part of the European Co-operative Data Environment (CODE) network. Personnel from the University of Aberdeen carried out a detailed analysis of the performance of the Hub Station Controller (HSC) and User Station Interface (USI). These two equipments each consist of a satellite channel access subsystem and a TCP/IP router. The latter supports the full functionality of an IP router. The tests evaluated a number of software releases indicating performance bottlenecks and providing data on the maximum performance obtainable under various test conditions.

The output of this work was a series of reports which documented the test procedures and provided test results. The reports were used as part of the continuing CODE programme in support of high performance VSAT networking.


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