Roadmap for Communications Engineering I

The course is organised as a series of modules.

Within each module there are:

Course Video Resources
Other Resources
1 Asynchronous Serial Communications
1.1 [Video] Asynchronous Character Transmission
1.2 [Video] The UART
1.3 [Video] EIA-232
  • [Video] Demonstration of EIA-232
  • Transmit voltage (e.g. +12V or -12V)
  • Receiver voltage thresholds +3V to +15V and -3V to -15V
  • Hysteresis at the receiver
Lab A: The EIA-232 Interface
Tutorial 1: EIA-232 Interface
2.0 Communications Links
2.1 [Video] Asynchronous Serial Frames
2.2 [Video] Transmission Theory
Lab B: NMEA Sentences
  • Scope Serial Decoding
Tutorial 2: Communications Links
3.0 EIA-485 (See p68-69 of the DMX512 Recommendations)
3.1 [Video] Differential Transmission
3.2 [Video] EIA-485 Cable Bus
Lab C: EIA-485 Interface
  • [Video] Scope Probes
  • [Video] Scope Timebases
  • [Video] Scope Autoscale Function
Tutorial 3: EIA-485
4.0 DMX 512
  • [Video] The DMX Guidelines
4.1 [Video] DMX 512 Overview
4.2 [Video] DMX Bus Termination
4.3 [Video] Bus Transceivers
Tutorial 4: Cable Bus
5.0 DMX 512 Frames
  • [Video] Example: Connecting Equipment to a DMX 512 Bus
5.1 [Video] Frames Start; Break; MAB
  • [Video] Demo of Start of Frame
  • [Video]Measurement of Frame Rate
5.2 [Video] Addressing and the Base Address
5.3 [Video] DMX Receiver Hardware
Tutorial 5: Frames
5.4 [Video] DMX Receiver Software
5.5 [Video] Digital Outputs and Control

Lab D: DMX Frame Transmission

  • Scope Serial Decoding
  • Scope Triggering
Tutorial 6: : DMX Receiver Software

DMX 512 Control

6.1 [Video] Controlling Power
  • [Video] Example: The VARIAC
  • [Video] TRIAC Power Control
  • [Video] Example: A Domestic Dimmer
6.2 [Video] Example: Controller System Architecture
6.3 [Video] Using Multiple Slots for Control
6.4 [Video] LED lighting and Colour
6.5 [Video] Multiplexing using Start Codes
  • Lab E: TRIAC Power Control
    or Lab F: DMX Control

    Tutorial 7: Control
    7.0 Control Networks
    7.1 [Video] Bus Repeaters
    • Multi-Point Bus and Repeaters
    7.2 [Video] DMX Over Ethernet

    Lab F: DMX Control
    or Lab E: TRIAC Power Control

    Lab G: TDM Output via DMX

    Lab H: Stepper Motor Control (Optional)
    8.0 Control using Remote Device Managment (RDM)
    8.1 [ video ] RDM Physical Layer
    8.2 [ video ] RDM Link Layer
    Tutorial 8: Remote Device Managment
    9.0 The CAN Bus
    • [ video ] Using CAN to check a car ECU
    9.1 [ video ] The CAN Physical Layer
    9.2 [ video ] CAN Arbitration
    9.3 [ video ] Cyclic Redundancy Checks (CRCs)
    [ video ] Example: Decoding signals on a CAN Bus
    Tutorial 9: CAN
    Revision Class
    Tutorial 10: Revision Tutorial

    Click on each [Video] link to watch the course video content. Captions are available for these videos, and may be most helpful when revising what has been said.

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    Prof. Gorry Fairhurst and Dr. R. Secchi, School of Engineering, University of Aberdeen, Scotland, UK, Mar, 2023.