Project Objectives

The objectives of the project are:

Relationship to Digital Economy

The project corresponds with the following Digital Economy aims:

Relationship to dot.rural Digital Economy Hub

The programme of research is designed so that it will result in both technological advances in the way communications infrastructure is engineered, and that the resulting service is responsive to user needs and results in greater inclusion of communities and business as a part of the Digital Economy.

The project will illuminate some of the core issues identified in the rural digital economy hub by providing enhanced broadband access to rural businesses and institutions and investigating the impact of these technologies on rural institutions.

Transformational Impact

By providing enhanced broadband access the project would be transformative in the following ways:

In addition, new technologies will be contributed, where appropriate to relevant standards organisations. In the first stage, these contributions will be made to TM-RCS, the European group for open broadband satellite standards.

Areas for impact

The research described here is supported by the award made by the RCUK Digital Economy programme to the dot.rural Digital Economy Hub; award reference: EP/G066051/1.